Special Products

Because you are special to us, you deserve the very best!

Your business ventures are products of your dreams and efforts. Whether it is big or small, success is your golden goal. Embrace your dream of a lifetime.

FLT Prime protects your business endeavor to the highest level. It is an insurance packaged designed for any form of business establishments that will cover your property and personnel.

Special products care for special people like you. Get one now!

Comprehensive Coverage and Benefits of Our Special product

Comprehensive General Liability Pay for liability for Bodily Injury, including death and Property Damage to third parties arising from the negligent acts of the insured or his employees in connection with the operations of the business. Also pays for costs and expenses of litigation recovered by any claimant against you or incurred with the consent of the Company in the defense or settlement of any liability claim. Medical Payments coverage takes care of medical expenses of customers injured in the premises regardless of the existence of a legal obligation. However the Company is only liable up to the limits stated in the policy.
Fire Insurance Pays for loss or damage of Office building or leasehold improvement, business equipment, furniture, fixture, merchandise and other business contents usual to Insured's business caused by Fire / Lightning.
Personal Accident Indemnifies losses resulting from accidental Bodily Injury to named employees
Fidelity Insurance Pays for loss of money or other property caused by any dishonest or fraudulent act by any employee.
Loss of Merchandise, Pledged Items, Office Appliances, Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures Pays for loss of merchandise and / or covered items arising from Robbery and Burglary.

Our Available Special Products

  • Smart Cover – Business Care
  • Bakeshop Comprehensive
  • Beauty Shop / Barbershop Comprehensive
  • Clinic Shield Comprehensive
  • Computer Shop Comprehensive
  • Credit Cooperative Comprehensive
  • Cyber Café Comprehensive
  • Drugstore Comprehensive
  • Electronic Repair Shop
  • Electro - Mechanical Repair Shop
  • Farm Owner's Comprehensive
  • Funeral Parlor Comprehensive
  • Garage Keeper's Comprehensive
  • Gas Station Comprehensive
  • Golfers Comprehensive
  • Grain Mill / Feed Mill Comprehensive
  • Hardware Store Comprehensive
  • Laundry Shop Comprehensive
  • Lending Investors Comprehensive
  • LPG Dealers Comprehensive
  • Office Shield Comprehensive
  • Pawnshop Comprehensive
  • Photo Shop Comprehensive
  • Print Shop Comprehensive
  • Purified Water Filling Station Comprehensive
  • Refreshment Parlor Comprehensive
  • Resort Comprehensive
  • Restaurant Comprehensive
  • Retailer's and wholesaler's Comprehensive
  • Rice Miller's Comprehensive
  • Rural Banker's Comprehensive
  • School Shield Comprehensive
  • Shoe Shop Comprehensive
  • Storekeeper's Comprehensive